Hi. I’m Lara. I’m hardly an alcoholic – I can barely get through a glass of wine without feeling more than a little tipsy! What I am is a writer. Or, at least, I try to be. I have a tendency to be quite bad at the actual writing part. Which is why I thought that this blog might help me be a better writer. And maybe it will help you too. Probably not though.

I’ve been trying to follow Write 500, a website that sends me writing prompts daily to try and get me to write 500 words a day. Just 500 words. How hard could it possibly be?? Well… very, as it turns out. But here’s the thing. If I put my mind to it, those 500 words can flow within 15 minutes. If I put my mind to it, maybe I can remember to write them here, or put them here, or just generally use here as a reminder that I should be writing. So here it goes… Just 500 words!