Long Lost Friends

“Hi Jill.”
“My God, is that…”
“Dave. Yeah. How are you doing?”
“How am I doing?”
“I don’t hear from you for ten years, and then you just phone up out of the blue and want to know how I’m doing?”
“Well… yeah.”
“I’m doing just fine.”
Silence falls across the line, and Dave wonders if he should break it with more chit chat and pleasantries, or if he should get straight to the point. He knows that she’s not going to like it.
“Anything else then?”
“Don’t you want to know how I’m doing?”
“Okay. How are you doing, Dave?”
Silence once again, and this time there are no pleasantries to fall back on.
“Well, it’s been nice…”
“Yes, Dave?”
“You haven’t… Haven’t… Seen him about lately?”
“Excuse me?”
“You haven’t seen Donny…”
“You think this is funny?”
“No, ma’am…”
“Some kind of sick joke…”
“It’s not like that…”
“Ten years without a word and then phoning up his widow…”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t think…”
“To ask her if she’s seen her dead husband wondering about.”
“Jill, please…”
The electric whine of the dead line wails in his ear.
“I told you she wouldn’t take it well.” She didn’t need to say it out loud. Sue’s all-knowing grin was enough for Dave to know just what she was thinking.
“What else could I have done?”
“Since the chances are high that nothing’s going to happen, nothing may have been the best course of action.”
“You can’t honestly think that.”
“You know I do.”
“After the fire…”
“and the plane…”
“I’m telling you, Donny is going to drown me.”
“And I’m telling you, the man is dead.”
“Like that’d stop him.”
“Uh… yeah, Dave. Death has a tendency to stop things like the deceased drowning you.”
“If there was ever someone to come back from the dead, you know as well as I do that it’d be Donny.”
“Since Donny is not only dead, but also buried, oh, about five states away, I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be making his way over here to drown you.”
Dave let that sink in for a moment. He had made himself very difficult to find. He hadn’t kept in contact with anyone from the good old days, had moved about as far as his legs would take him, had started up a new life for himself. Even if Donny were to come back from the dead, Dave was fairly sure that Donny’d have a hard time tracking him down, never mind making his way all across the country to find him.
“Maybe you’re right,” Dave admitted, hating to say so out loud with Sue in the room. He’d never live it down.
“You know I’m right.”
“Maybe I’m over reacting.”
“There’s no maybe involved.”
“Maybe that isn’t Donny that I just saw walk in through the door.”
Dave nodded towards the familiar face in the corner.”
“Yeah, Sue?”
“I suggest you run.”


One morning you wake up from a horrible nightmare, in which your house burned down. That night, your house burns down. The next morning, you wake up with a nightmare of a plane crash – and that day, a plane crashes near your town. A week later, you wake up from the nightmare of being drowned by your best friend – who’s been dead for ten years.
Write at least 500 words inspired by the prompt above. Try not to be too serious about it (the prompt definitely isn’t!) – rather try writing from a perspective, or using an approach, that you wouldn’t ordinarily use. Experiment!



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