Transcript of Police Department Interview, 02 February, 2026

“This is Officer Smith of the Rosehill PD conducting an interview with Miss Sarah Medina of Rosehill for the purposes of confession. Miss Medina has requested that her confession be recorded. The recording has started, Miss Medina. Can you tell us what happened?”

“Well, I’m not entirely sure.”

“Miss Medina, you came to us claiming to have a confession to make in relation to criminal actions. How can you not be sure.”

“I can’t quite recall it happening, but my dreams assure me that it did.”

“Your… dreams. You have got to be kidding me. You’re wasting our time, ma’am. Are you aware that is a punishable offense?”

“Oh, I can assure you that I’m being perfectly serious. I may not recall the event itself, but my dreams are made up of legitimate happenings.”

“I… You… But… You’re going to have to explain.”

“Gladly. You see, I recently purchased the Dreamweaver 2000. It’s a little machine that records my sleeping habits, including any dreams that I may happen to experience. It also has the uncanny ability of being able to determine which of these dreams are based on memories, and which are entirely fictitious. Recently I’ve been finding myself having recurring dreams which are based on a memory that I can’t recall during my waking hours.”

“And this memory involves criminal activity.”

“That’s right.”

“And what exactly does this criminal activity entail?”


“I see. And who is it that you have supposedly murdered?”

“The President.”

There is a moment of shocked silence.

“Ma’am, the murder of the President is no laughing matter. We are currently investigating a number of leads with regards to who may have been responsible, including a number of international crime syndicates, and I do not appreciate my time being wasted on such frivolous…”

“I am aware of all of the efforts which have been going into the investigation, which is why I thought it best that I turn myself in before further effort is expended in trying to catch the wrong culprit.”

“You expect me to believe that you are the right culprit?”

“That is correct.”

“Why should I believe that?”

“Because it’s the truth. And because I can provide details not known to the public regarding the murder. For example, I believe that a letter was left at the scene.”


“I’ve brought along a sample of my handwriting. I’ll believe that you’ll find that it matches quite convincingly.”

“But… Why?”

“Let’s just say I wasn’t a big fan of his foreign policy. Or, more specifically, my subconscious wasn’t. I always thought him to be a rather nice young man. But apparently one day, I climbed from my bed, walked all the way to his residence and shot the poor fellow. Don’t ask me how I wasn’t caught – I practically waltzed through the front door in full view of the security cameras. In my night clothes no less!”

“Sarah Medina… I… I think you’re under arrest.”


Imagine a machine that can record your dreams (even the ones you forget), and let you play them back later. After a few nights of using it, you realize that the dreams it’s recording involve memories you cannot recall.
Write at least 500 words inspired by the prompt above. Try not to be too serious about it (the prompt definitely isn’t!) – rather try writing from a perspective, or using an approach, that you wouldn’t ordinarily use. Experiment!



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